Autobot (8)
Auto Uploader Bot FAQ
Banned Scripts (1)
List of scripts that are banned
FTP (1)
FTP is the most common way of handling your web files
Get started Web Hosting (5)
Starting with your web hosting account
Seedbox (1)
SSH (1)
Help to connect to your Linux server via SSH
SSL (1)
Torrent Trackers (1)
If you are running a tracker you should look here for help.
Truebug (1)
Problems getting truebug to work?
WHM/cPanel (1)
Information regarding the WHM and cPanel domain management systems
How to solve "No space left on device" Quick tutorial
How to solve "No space left on device." Sometimes the autobot stops working because it says...
Add Truebug loaders.
Example: Add Truebug loaders to CentOS 64bits webserver with DirectAdmin 1. Upload the folder...
How to register a Domain name
When you register a domainname in order to run a website you need to follow some simple steps....
What is FTP?
What is FTP? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a fast, convenient and secure way to transfer files...
How to Select the Best Domain Name
There are two basic steps to...

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