Virtual Private Servers
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Many web site owners have outgrown their shared hosting environment and would like a dedicated presence but don't want to pay for their own dedicated server. and CPanel/WHM solve this problem by providing you with an affordable, isolated solution. Cpanel’s unique virtualization technology ensures you will get isolation between your Virtual Private Server (VPS) and others on the physical server, as well as guaranteed service quality levels for disk space, bandwidth, memory and CPU.


How It Works

The hardware and expense of a VPS is shared by multiple customers, who each enjoy full root access with guaranteed resources and complete privacy. Multiple instances of the same service can be supported on a single server with complete isolation between each Private Server.


Virtuozzo Virtual Private Servers


Each VPS behaves exactly like an isolated stand-alone server:

  • Each will have its own processes, users, files and provides full root access.
  • Each has its own IP addresses, port numbers, tables, filtering and routing rules.
  • Each could have its own configuration files for the system and application software.
  • Each could have its own versions of system libraries or modify existing ones.
  • Each could delete, add, modify any file, including files in /root, and install its own application software or custom configure/modify root application software.


VPS's offer Quality of Service guarantees standard shared hosting can not:

  • Resource Guarantees - Includes CPU, disk space and network guarantees. Guarantees on memory - user and kernel, physical and virtual . Guarantees on disk I/O and many other critical resources (over 20).
  • Performance Isolation - heavy traffic and CPU load on one Private Server will not have a negative effect on the other Private Servers.
  • Functional Isolation - each Private Server has its own set of applications and services.
  • Fault Isolation - errors created on Private Server will not affect other Private Servers. For example, a bad CGI script can crash a server, but with Ensim's fault isolation, only the Private Server with the script will be affected.
  • Address Isolation - each Private Server has its own set of IP addresses.


VPS Management:

  • Your VPS is easy to use and with Admin-Hosting's proving fully managed support, you can be assured of help along the way. Through the included web-based control panel , you can accomplish everything you need to without knowing how to operate a Linux server. Your VPS is easier to maintain than a dedicated server, and can be effortlessly scaled up to a fully managed dedicated server based on a platform of your choice at any time.
  • With the WHM/Cpanel controlpanels, you will be able to manage your VPSs like never before. This includes a powerful new feature for 'physical server level reboots'. This means that if your VPS is down, you will no longer have to open a support ticket and wait for a tech to restart your VPS. From the Power Panel GUI, you will be able to reboot your VPS as if you were standing next to dedicated server in a datacenter and hit the reset button.



WebHost Manager (WHM), our server control panel interface, is designed for server administrators and web hosts. WHM makes it easy to:

  • Set up and modify customer accounts;
  • Receive alerts if the server goes down;
  • Install applications and programming language modules;
  • Create and apply hosting plans;
  • Block spam;
  • Integrate new web technologies; and
  • Brand customers’ cPanel interfaces with custom logos.


cPanel, our website control panel interface, is designed for website owners. It simplifies tasks such as:

  • Uploading and managing web pages;
  • Creating email accounts;
  • Installing web-based applications like blogs, shopping carts, and forums;
  • Backing up data;
  • Protecting a site’s content and bandwidth from abuse;
  • Generating and viewing statistics about visitors; and
  • Reviewing error logs to locate broken links and other problems.

WHM with CPanel is optional on all our Virtual Private Server plans.

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