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Softaculous Auto Installer


Softaculous Features

Tired of complicated installs, creating new databases, making complicated SQL entries and configuring scripts?

Let Softaculous do it for you in seconds with just one click!

Included for free in all our Web Hosting packages is the auto installer Softaculous with 222+ of the most popular scripts like WP, Joomla, Forums and Shoppingcarts, and many more scripts included with just a one click install from your control panel.

Softaculous is the fastest and easiest to use auto installer in the world!


 Install Scripts on the fly

What's an Auto Installer ? An Auto Installer can be used to install scripts and software without you having to upload files. You don't need to create any database for the scripts and go through the complex procedures of installing these software packages!

Experience it Live

Experience and play with the script before installing them. To help you choose the right software to install, we maintain DEMOS of the various software packages, so you can actually get a feel for the software before installing it.

 Ratings and Reviews

You can compare the various software packages before installing. Users who have used these scripts have rated and reviewed them as well. You can see these ratings and reviews and choose the scripts that would fit your needs. Even you can RATE and REVIEW a software package which will help others make a wise choice.

Build websites faster and better

You'll build websites faster and better as you can install some of the most popular script by the click of a button. You can install Blogs, Portals, Forums, Galleries, Wikis, JavaScript Libraries etc. There is a wide range of scripts to choose from to automate your websites.




For your conveinence

You have quick access to the 14 most popular web scripts in the app installer box, and of course full access to the over 200 scripts that Softaculous offer by clicking the Softaculous icon in your cPanel.


Softaculous Quick Apps Installer

Quick access to one click install of the 14 most popular scripts!


In order to sign up for one of our Web Hosting packages please go here and choose the package that suites your needs best!

Softaculous is also available as a free addon on all our VPS's. To read more about Virtual Private Servers go here .


Shared Starter Package

Webspace 300MB
True Domains 1
Subdomains 2
Email accounts 10
Mysql databases 1
100% free support

3.49 €/month
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Shared Real Package

Webspace 1024MB
True Domains 1
Subdomains 10
Email accounts 30
Mysql databases 10
100% free support

5.49 € / month
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Shared Pro Package

Webspace 3072MB
True Domains 10
Subdomains 50
Email accounts unlim.
Mysql databases 50
100% free support

10.49 € / month
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