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World Wide Web Hosting
World Wide Web Hosting

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  • Instead of running your own web server, let Admin-Hosting take care of all system related tasks.
  • Your website will be hosted on one of our secure shared web hosting servers, monitored and managed by us, so you only have to manage your website and can save time needed for your own projects instead of worrying about setups and complicated unix operations.
  • We offer secure and professional Web Hosting and Virtual Private Servers with easy to use control panels.
  • Using cPanel and WHM it is suddenly silly easy to install and manage scripts, create databases, ftp accounts alter DNS settings and control anything related to your site or server. It is a web based control center for your website!
  • With cPanel and WHM , you choose which applications handle services such as DNS, Redirects, Mail accounts, Backups, which versions of Apache and PHP to run, and a wide variety of other functionalities.
  • Included in all our shared packages is the Fantastico one-click-install control panel that allows you to install a wide variety of popular scripts in a matter of seconds.
  • Admin-Hosting exclusively uses the fastest and most secure servers in the world for your websites. No expenses are saved on hardware security or maintenance!
  • We believe that a good client is a happy client. The best way of assuring that we grow and expand is to treat customers the same way we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • We have powerful data centers where there are more services and fewer restrictions. We allow you to host:
  • Web Hosting Servers
  • High Quality Radio Servers
  • Game Servers
  • Adult/XXX Content Servers
  • Personal Unix/Linux/Windows Servers
  • Custom Applications
  • Torrent trackers (Preferably minimum a VPS )

  • Pro Support always included!
  • No idea how to get your site to actually show on the world wide web after you have purchased a hosting package or VPS? Moving from another host? Need help to get started? No problems.
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