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 Welcome to

World Wide Web Hosting

Admin-Hosting use some of the fastest and most secure servers in the world for your websites

Welcome to, your professional webhost with that little extra you are looking for. Support, Security and Speed are some of our guidelines. We provide a complete range of hosting solutions for anybody that needs to work with the web or internet. 

We have powerful data centers where there are more services and fewer restrictions. We allow you to host:

Web Hosting Servers
High Quality Radio Servers
Game Servers
Adult/XXX Content Servers
Personal Unix/Linux/Windows Servers
Custom Applications
Torrent trackers

Our main office is based in Sweden because of the exceptional fiber connections. But we work with clients from all over the world. From New Zealand and Australia to USA, Asia, South America, Europe and even Africa. We communicate in several languages and consider ourself a global company. Our Dedicated Servers are located in high speed datacenters in the E.U. Mainly in Amsterdam The Netherlands, Paris France and South of Sweden. Our webhosting servers are located in datacenters both in the USA and EU.


We started expanding with our own need for powerful servers with unlimited traffic and can now offer the world what we ourself consider some of the best, most secure and fastest servers and hosting accounts on the market. Our datacenters are expanding and updating their equipement all the time to keep up with todays fast evolution so that we can always offer the best and fastest services available.

Our datacenters are protected against all kinds of possible attacks or disasters and are constantly backed up. We only work with the best solutions available and do not compromise on quality nor support. You will find that our packages are formed to fit any possible website or server application you might need to use. With a well experienced team behind your back you will find the most trouble free and secure solution on the market.

If you truly are looking for a professional solution for your web based business then you should consider signing up for our services straight away.

It will be a pleasure for us to be your host!

Welcome to Admin-Hosting! 

 Felix Ekströmer VD

Read more about our Web Hosting packages here...

Call us anytime for info or support  +46406664222